CINEMAGS #169 cover THE WOLVERINE telah beredar! Dapatkan informasi terkini seputar film dan bintang-bintang favorit kamu, hanya di CINEMAGS! Selain THE WOLVERINE, edisi terbaru majalah CINEMAGS kali ini juga menulis artikel tentang film-film keren lain seperti X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, R.I.P.D dan PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS. Pengen tahu ada apa lagi di edisi kali ini? Read on…

COVER: The Wolverine
PRICE: IDR 42.500/44.500 (L. Pulau Jawa)
BONUS: Poster The Wolverine/Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Bookmark The Wolverine

First Look: 
X-Men: Days of Future Past

Cine Screen:
– The Wolverine
– R.I.P.D.
– Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Slap Clap:
– Man of Steel
– World War Z
– The Lone Ranger
– Now You See Me

A Closer Look at Celebrity:
– Man of Steel Interview
– The Smurfs 2 International Web Chat
– Chelsea Islan: The New Rising Star 

IMO: Chasing Amy 

Cine Review:
– Man of Tai Chi
– RED 2
– The Conjuring
– The World’s End
– Turbo
– The Smurfs 2 

Director Shoot: James Mangold 

Cine News: Notable Afterlife Story in Cinemas 

Cine Star: Hugh Jackman 

Cine Asia:
– Gatchaman (Japan)
– The Flu (Korea)
– Badges of Fury (China)
– Chennai Express (India) 

Asia Recommendation: Bunny Drop (Japan)

Tele Cine: Under the Dome

Preview Indonesia:
– La Tahzan

and many more!


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